Who Would Win the World Social Cup for 2014? [Infographic]

These days, sporting events aren't just about the winners on the field -- they're also about which teams can generate the most social media engagement.

social cup

The group stages of the FIFA World Cup kicked off May 12th, and the level of social media engagement is simply stunning. But what if the Cup were awarded to the team with the greatest Twitter presence, instead of those with most sporting prowess? Stay Sourced has created an infographic outlining the winners.

First off, Spain would take the Cup, edging out Portugal in the final, and both of those teams would leave Brazil and Argentina to fight over third place. Spain would win because of just how many Twitter followers their starting team has racked up over the years.

Andrés Iniesta alone has over 7.88 million followers, and his teammate Gerard Piqué isn’t far behind with over 7.72 million followers. Combined, Spain has over 32 million followers, a number that will only grow if the team sees success throughout the contest.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most-popular tweeter in the game this year with over 24.16 million followers, which beats out the teams from Mexico, Ecuador, France, Japan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, The Ivory Coast and Russia combined. To see Stay Sourced’s social media dream team, check out the infographic: [click to enlarge]