World of Warcraft Coming to the iPhone?

wowYou’d have to be living under a rock to not know about World of Warcraft at this point. Over four years old with well over 11 million subscribers and versions in half a dozen languages across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, the MMOG has proven to be one of the single most successful franchises in the history of PC games (let alone online titles). So what would be the next step for Blizzard Entertainment?

Rumor is that an iPhone version is in the works, according to Kotaku. Yes, an iPhone version. In the past there have been a number of claims, hoaxes, and mock-ups, but this past weekend came a video of WoW running on the mobile platform. From the looks of things we have seen in the video, the platform makes full use of the iPhone’s touch screen. Though it does not seem like a player would be able to play the game in full, it is more than enough to allow interaction, travel,  in game mail and auction house systems, and generally checking up on the world.

The most curious aspect of the video to note is that the game is running on what is called the Vollee client. This iPhone application has one main purpose: To allow the play of full PC games over a network on mobile 3G phones.

“Through the VolleeX engine, we can take full PC games, MMOs or even virtual worlds and stream them to any 3G enabled handsets, “says Vollee’s head of business development, Julian Corbertt in an interview with Pocket Gamer. “This means that you can now access games or full persistent online worlds right from your mobile handset. It’s a real step forward for mobile games as you can now have meaningful connected experiences on your handset.”

Vollee showed the power of its enging when it demo’d Second Life when it launched. Furthermore, the company has not only openly announced a partnership with Activision Blizzard (not to mention that Blizzard has been doing work on the iPhone already with, but also stated, last year, that it would be supporting the iPhone.