World News Tonight (Annotated)

ABC News’ Jake Tapper, on his new “Down and Dirty” blog, explained in his latest entry that he’s pretty sure that his site is only being read by his mom and so he’s going to write things that his mom would find interesting.

Last night’s entry saw him annotate the script for his latest World News Tonight story (about Kate Moss), and explaining–in a vein similar to the “transparency” efforts of CBS’ Public Eye–the work that goes on behind the scenes to get something ready for air.

From mentioning everyone who helped out to explaining how the manager of the D.C. Burberry store “spiffed up” the mannequins in the window when she saw Tapper filming outside, it’s an amusing and useful look inside the production process.

Perhaps the greatest benefit from these transparency efforts for the news industry is simply going to be to humanize the reporters and their work. For industry wonks and addicts, these television blogs, especially NBC’s Daily Nightly are quickly becoming must-reads for their light tone and amusing we-were-there anecdotes–now if only someone could convince CNN that it needs some blogs! Perhaps they could, say, start with one about their blog segment?