World Monuments Watch Releases Most Endangered Sites

ARM Alexandrapol [3].jpg

Oh, it’s a countdown all right, but there won’t be any celebration when we hit #1. The World Monuments Watch has released its list of the 100 most endangered monuments and it’s one frightening round up. Namely the fact that a bunch of endangered buildings have been named as such because they’re threatened by climate change, conflict (aka WAR) and excessive tourism. A map of the world marks each site, which gives new meaning to “Things to do before you die.”

If you’re embarking on a road trip this summer, why not hit all the US locations on the list. Before they’re going…going…gone…

Florida Southern Historic Campus, Lakeland, FL
Historic Neighborhoods of New Orleans, LA
Historic Route 66
Main Street Modern
New York State Pavilion, Queens, NY
Salk Institute, San Diego, CA
Tutuveni Petroglyph Site, Hopi Tribal Land, AZ