World Graphic Design Foosball Championship Recap (For Those of You Unable to Survive This Short Week Without It)


Action shot by Jennifer Daniel.

The tables were turned last Friday at the World Graphic Design Foosball Championship as underdogs Sia Ea Graphic Design claimed a series of victories to roll away with the 2007 trophy. Reigning champs Doyle Partners were apparently no-shows, and even though the regional qualifying format wasn’t universally embraced, it’s safe to say no bracket went thirsty. The enigmatic Mr. Play was there to capture every cliffhanger in the massive, four-location tournament, and according to Mr. Play, the joyous occasion was marred by only one sorry mishap:

Even with the extra travel, the combination of beer, fun and some excellent foosball made for a near-perfect evening. Although, whomever stole the plastic dog from karlssonwilker: YOU’RE SO LAME!

An undisclosed sum will be rewarded to anyone with information concerning its whereabouts. Please contact Mr. Play.