World Economic Forum Embraces Social Media Tools

If there’s any indication that social networking and social media tools have become more relevant, it’s got to be the fact that even the World Economic Forum is utilizing some of the famous social networking and social media tools in advancing its cause and carrying out its socially-relevant activities. In time for its upcoming annual meeting in Davos-Klosters next month, the WEF has launched various social media tools that it hopes would generate more interests to the WEF’s cause from the online crowd.

Among WEF’s social media initiatives include:

It’s good to know that international organizations such as the World Economic Organizations are beginning to realize the value of social networking and social media tools in pursuing their advocacy work. With the popularity of these online tools among people coming from all walks of life, it would definitely be a great way of reaching out and educating the online masses. Hopefully, online users would partake of what the WEF and other organizations with similar initiatives have to offer.