World Cup Kicks MobiTV to New Heights

The World Cup is pushing mobile video to new heights.
MobiTV, a subscription-based service which delivers live TV to mobile devices, through Friday July 2 had streamed over 88 million minutes of World Cup soccer action. To put that number in perspective, the company delivered roughly 2 billion minutes of TV in all of 2009. That includes every bit of TV footage the company offers to its 10 million subscribers — from Fox News to NBC to ESPN to Comedy Central.
According to MobiTV executives, the 88 million minutes of live soccer streamed via the service is equivalent to one viewer spending 61,111 consecutive days in front of a TV.
“Our performance in delivering a global event like World Cup to millions of subscribers is a testament to the strength of our technology platform, and our commitment to delivering a reliable, compelling experience to viewers,” said MobiTV chief technology officer Kay Johansson. “With smartphones and wireless networks only getting better, we will continue working with our content and carrier partners to expand the possibilities of mobile media delivery.”
Regarding new carriers, earlier this year MobiTV expanded its availability to Apple’s iPhone, and just this week the service became available on devices that utilized Google’s Android software.
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