World Cup Fans Create User-Generated Opportunity For Marketers [Infographic]

World Cup fans are engaged and taking to social media.

world cup

The World Cup got into full swing with the opening group stages this weekend, and social media has been buzzing since before the matches began. An infographic from social media marketing firm Offerpop used data from and social media monitoring firm Crimson Hexagon to demonstrate the opportunity to optimize user-generated content.

Offerpop projects that over $5.7 billion will be spent on sponsorships and commercials throughout the tournament. With good reason: About 3.6 billion people tune in to watch. The marketing spend might seem huge, but since commercials only air at halftime, broadcast commercials will only account for 17 percent of game time.

The content created by World Cup fans on social media could become a rich opportunity for marketers. Brazil’s national team has more than 1.46 million followers, Mexico is right behind them with 1.45 million, and Colombia has 823,000.

And the fans aren’t quiet. Ahead of the kickoff, there were more than 350,000 World Cup tweets every day. There were also more than 236,000 Instagram posts using a variety of World Cup related hashtags. Of the 500 million Facebook using football fans, 62 percent use the service every day.

To find out which brand campaigns are doing well, and which countries are tweeting the most per capita, view the infographic below:

world cup