Let’s Get Ready to Checkmate!

The details of this fall's World Chess Championship in New York have been finalized.

Would it help attract attention and media coverage to the sport of chess if Michael Buffer introduced a championship match with the exclamation in our headline?

MagnusCarlsenPicAs Guardian feature writer (and Surrey chess champion) Stephen Moss hints, that general sort of postulation hangs over the sport and is a big reason why our fair city has been chosen as the location of the next World Championship. The contest will pit Norwegian world champion Magnus Carlsen (pictured) against Russian challenger Sergey Karjakin:

The 12-game match will start on November 11 and be played over a three-week period at the newly refurbished Fulton Market building in central New York. “We are thrilled to hold the championship in such a fantastic venue,” said Ilya Merenzon, the chief executive of Agon, which holds the commercial rights to the world championship. “The location befits the status of chess as one of the world’s fastest growing sports both in terms of participation and commercial appeal.”

As the current, hilarious trending hashtag #PhelpsFace attests, social media traction for sports is often about the smallest of details. No doubt when these two square off in the fall, it will be the same.

Corporate sponsorship has been a challenge for this event in the past, but according to a source quoted by Moss, two “seven-figure” patrons are lined up and will be announced later this month. Agon is also hoping to work out some kinks that would prevent seamless streaming of match action over the web.

News of New York as the world championship site was first shared in the spring, but this week marks the finalization of the exact location, dates and participants. If you’re so inclined, the app Play Magnus allows a user to square off virtually against the world champ. Carlsen became an international chess Grandmaster at the age of 13.

Photo via: magnuscarlsen.com