Working from Home and Social Media — The New Workplace Currencies [Infographic]

If you’d just graduated college, and had the right degree to have employers knocking down your doors, what would you ask for?  A recent study asked just that to college students and young professionals around the world, and they found some startling results.  For one, money isn’t everything.

As you can see in the infographic below, 56% of students will not accept a job from a company that bans social media.  This has certainly been a popular pastime for large authoritarian companies of late, and that kind of policy may keep smart, young workers out of their work force.

The biggest zeitgeist element on the list, though, has to be that 60% of students think “they have a right to work remotely with a flexible schedule.”  Certainly, as the years pass and security improves on remote channels, we’re going to see more and more people able to work from home, at least a few days a week.  The fact that college students are interested only means that top employers will need to offer it to get access to some of the brightest minds.