‘Work to Live’ Author Explains Benefits of Taking Vacations

It’s that time of year — you know it too well. Vacation days are accumulating in the time bank and it’s summer so you might as well take them yet it’s hard to tear yourself away from the office.

According to Joe Robinson, founder of the Work to Live campaign and author of Work to Live, taking vacation is incredibly important.

He told The New York Post, “Vacations are as important as watching our cholesterol and getting exercise.”

Need proof? He pointed out in the piece that taking vacations decrease heart attack risk in men by 30 percent; women who take more than one vacation each year decrease that same risk by 50 percent.

Plus, Robinson indicated vacations increase productivity. “It’s a win-win,” he said.

Considering some bosses may not be thrilled you’re going on a two-week cruise, he mentioned back in the day (and by that we mean the ’20s and ’30s), employers realized that if their teams went to organized company vacations, they returned to the office more productive than when they left.

So, how can you ask for more time off? “Make a proposal,” he suggested. “Say, ‘Look, my productivity will go up if I get another week off, and I’ll prove it to you.'”

If you’re really in a pinch, do what Robinson did. Ask your boss for additional time. Say, ‘I’d like to take time off without pay.’ He recalled, “I used to do this, and never got turned down.”