Wordstop is the multiplayer ‘anti-word game’ on iOS

Image via Word Play Limited

Mobile developer Word Play Limited has announced the launch of its newest word game on iOS: Wordstop. The game takes the traditional word game template and presents the opposite, as players are challenged with not creating words, instead of creating them.

The two-player game allows users to connect to Facebook and compete against Facebook friends or random players, as well as invite others through email or username invitations. In each game, players start with a single letter and must then add a letter to the beginning or end of the current string, without creating an actual word in the process.

For instance, players presented with the letter “s” could play a “k” before the “s” if they were thinking of the word “clocks,” or they could also play an “a” after the “s” to make the word “sand,” as one of many examples. The other player has no idea which words their opponent is thinking of creating, and they could be thinking of entirely different words as well.

The challenge is simply in adding as many letters to the letter string as possible, without creating a three-or-more letter word found in the International Scrabble Dictionary, which contains 150,000 options. Players have access to bombs to remove letters from the letter pool to make their moves easier, and players can have multiple active games on their account at the same time.

Wordstop is available in a free ad-supported version on iOS, while a $0.99 ad-free version is also available. You can follow the game’s progress on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.