Words With Friends For Android

If you are a fan of the board game Scrabble and use an Android smartphone, you’ve probably been envious of those who have iPhones and been using Words With Friends. Words With Friends, developed by Zynga, is a form of Scrabble that you can play with other people, regardless of what smartphone or computer they use. The Android version of Words With Friends is free and available now in the Android Market.

As you can see in the screenshot, game play is pretty much as you would expect if you are familiar with Scrabble. Each person plays their turn and then waits for the other, and the game play can go on over days. You can play multiple games with different players, and you see a notification when an opponent has completed their turn.

In addition to support for Android’s notification system, Words With Friends also takes advantage of the sensors in the phone so that if you want to change the order of your letter tiles, you just shake the phone. In the upper right corner of the screen is a chat button, which provides for friendly banter while playing.

As I stated earlier, Words With Friends is free, however, there are ads. Every time you complete a turn a full screen ad displays. While you do have the option to skip the ad, it can be a bit annoying to constantly see them. Unfortunately, Zynga has not made a paid version of Words With Friends available, so if you want to play the game on an Android phone, you will have to tolerate the ads.