Words With Friends Adds Pop Culture-Inspired Social Dictionary

The dictionary contains more than 50,000 new words

Zynga launched a new Social Dictionary in Words With Friends, adding more than 50,000 new words to the multiplayer word game. The Social Dictionary contains words inspired by players and pop culture, and it includes many fan-requested words.

For instance, gamers can now play fan-requested words including delish, queso and wordie. Several high-scoring words have also been added, including abbozzo, bajada and oxazolone.

Here’s a selection of the pop-culture-inspired words contained in the Social Dictionary:

  • Bae
  • Bestie
  • BFF
  • Fitspo
  • FOMO
  • Hangry
  • Kween
  • Smize
  • TFW
  • Turnt
  • Werk
  • Yas

In a press release, Bernard Kim, president of publishing at Zynga, commented:

In addition to being the place where millions of people connect with friends and family, over the past eight years, Words With Friends has proven to be a leading authority on words that start conversations across generations and geographies. In response to the thousands of word requests we get from our players every day, we’re excited to introduce the Words With Friends Social Dictionary to bring even more ways for our fans to interact with the words they love. Whether it’s player favorites like qi and queso, or words that are trending around the world, such as FOMO and hangry, we want to give our players more ways than ever before to play the words they use in every day conversations.

Words With Friends is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game has been installed more than 200 million times since its launch in 2009.

In celebration of the game’s eighth anniversary, Zynga released additional stats from the game. For instance, 555 billion letters have been played since the game’s launch. Qi is the game’s most played word, having been played more than 306 million times from 2016 through 2017 alone. Finally, the game’s longest distance single match connected players separated by 20,000 kilometers.

Check out additional gameplay stats in the infographic below.

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