WordPress.com Blog on Facebook – Official Application Released

Now every WordPress.com blogger who also use Facebook have ability to spread their words using this social network too.? This WordPress.com Facebook application is dedicated to add blog posts directly to your Facebook profile for your friend to see and read . Unfortunately this app is dedicated to hosted WordPress.com version only and it means that many bloggers can’t use this service at the moment. But lucky ones who blog using WordPress.com service have really nice and full featured application to raise popularity of their blog.

Wordpress.com Blog on Facebook

Some features form WordPress.com blog:

In this app you?ll find the core blog features you?d expect: publishing posts, adding bookmarks and viewing stats. Beyond that we?ve taken advantage of the social network information that Facebook provides, with a Friends feature that shows you the most recent WordPress.com blog post from each of your Facebook friends that have added the app. Posts you make within the app show up on your WordPress blog here, and vice versa.

For other bloggers who host their blogs somewhere else I can suggest to use Notes application and import blog feed using this simple application – it works pretty well too!

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