WordPress Hits 50 Million Blogs

Another milestone for creator Mullenweg

Wordpress celebrated its 50 millionth blog on Sunday—half of which are self-hosted. Just a day after reaching the achievement, WordPress welcomed more than 130,000 more self-hosting bloggers to the WordPress family. That milestone is a happy occasion for blog platform creator Matt Mullenweg; it also highlights WordPress’ significant web presence.

WordPress reportedly powers 14 percent of websites worldwide, with platform users publishing an average of around 500,000 posts daily. Monthly, more than 287 million people find themselves on WordPress sites, contributing to 2.5 billion page views.

In a recent interview, Mullenweg attributed WordPress’ success to its accessibility to those that are less tech savvy. “I think the reason WordPress has been successful…is because people have found themselves empowered to create beautiful blogs and websites without having to learn a ton of technology,” he said.

Looking forward, Mullenweg said he expects browsers using HTML5 to make the WordPress experience faster and even easier. "I can’t wait," he said.

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