WordPress for iPhone OS 3.0 Beta Available for Devs to Test Drive

We should be hearing more about iPhone OS 3.0 and any new iPhone hardware in just a matter of hours from now. Developers have been told that their apps need to be OS 3.0 compatible to be in the iTunes store. So, iPhone developers have probably been very busy for the past couple of weeks. Looks like WordPress for iPhone is part of this group according to the app’s blog…

OS 3.0 beta available for testing

Don’t get too excited about this unless you know how to use svn (Subversion – an open source version control app) and XCode (Apple’s developer environment for Mac OS X and iPhone OS). Knowledge of both are needed to take a look at this beta.

I hope it is available soon for the rest of us. I haven’t been able to use WordPress for iPhone with my personal blog since it was updated to version 1.2 (previous versions worked fine for me).