WordPress for iOS (iPhone/iPad) 2.7 Available: More Stable(?) With Improved Editor

WordPress for iOS (iPhone and iPad) has not gotten a lot of kind words in this blog. It has been an unstable often unusable app since around the 1.02 update in the Fall of 2008. However, I should not that it has seemed much more stable since the 2.6 update. So, I hope the current 2.7 keeps it stable and usable.
WordPress for iOS 2.7 Now Available
WordPress says that this update focuses on realibility. But, so did many other updates. And, except for 2.6, none of them were stable. Improvements were also made to the Post Editor (what you use to create a blog post) as well as the list view of existing blog posts. I’ve been using the app somewhat frequently recently (several times in the past week) and am looking forward to seeing what 2.7 feels (stable, I hope) and looks like.