WordPress for Android 1.1 Adds Category Assignment

I don’t see an announcement on the WordPress for Android product page


However, I received a noticed in Android Market that the 1.1 version was avaiable and updated it on my Nexus One. The update info said that the two new features in this update are the ability to post a photo and assign a category. However, I was able to post a photo from the 1.0 version. But, I don’t recall the ability to select a category in that earlier release.

I tested both features by creating a new blog entry on my personal blog, uploaded a photo for this entry, and assigned a blog category (Android). The photo was resized from its original large 5 megapixel to a 500×375 (less than 0.2 megapixel) image suitable for a blog.

I really should use this app to post to my personal blog more often.