WordPress, Federated Media Publishing Serve Up FoodPress

Blogging platform WordPress and content publisher Federated Media Publishing will attempt to satisfy the appetite of readers who are hungry for food-related content with FoodPress, edited by Jane Maynard and featuring excerpts from topical WordPress blogs.

WordPress editorial czar Joy Victory wrote on the WordPress Blog:

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

Those wise words are from celebrity chef Julia Child, who was never shy about following her passions in life.

Child was passionate about many things, but especially food — and she shares that in common with WordPress.com bloggers, who publish thousands of mouth-watering recipes and food stories every day.

For that reason, we couldn’t resist building a special new site dedicated to showing off the amazing breadth of food-related posts on WordPress.com. Today we’re thrilled to announce FoodPress, the go-to destination for the hottest dishes from WordPress.com bloggers. To help us run the site, we’ve partnered with publishing company Federated Media. Each day, FoodPress features snippets of posts, which is designed to get new people to discover and then click through to a blog.

If you’re wondering how posts are selected for the site, it’s easy: They’re all hand-picked by FoodPress editor Jane Maynard. She finds most of the posts by scouring food-related tag pages like food, recipes, baking, cocktails, and more — so if you’re a food blogger, be sure to use tags on your posts.