WordPress Challenges the Facebook Comments Box by Adding Facebook, Twitter Logins to its Comments Widget

WordPress just announced that it has added WordPress.com, Twitter and Facebook login options to its own comments widget. Users can also be logged into multiple different accounts at once, making it easy to use different identities to comment depending on where they want their comments syndicated.

The addition of Facebook login to the WordPress comments widget could decrease demand for Facebook’s own Comments Box social plugin, which only supports less popular logins such as Yahoo! and AOL, and lacks support for Twitter or WordPress.com.

Facebook launched the revamped version of the Comments Box plugin in March. Though some initial bugginess and missing features such as comment exporting may have slowed its adoption, 50,000 sites had integrated it by mid-April. Post-launch, it added comment exporting, analytics, and some second-tier login options, but despite launching with live code for Google and Twitter logins, the plugin still doesn’t support these premier identity providers as login options.

Some sites might want to offer a Facebook login option, but not exclude Twitter users or have to include a second comments widget. For these, the updated WordPress comment widget may be the best choice. If WordPress added a Google login option, it could tout its wide accessibility, the Facebook plugin’s biggest weakness, as a core selling point. If Facebook can’t work out its differences with Google and Twitter, it will need to add as many other top login providers as possible, including WordPress.com, in order to remain competitive.

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