WordPress Comment Notifier

Today I found useful software for WordPress – Comment Notifier. It checks your blog for new comments and gives you notification like MSN Messenger message.

How it works?

it works like some popular BLOG post tools, eg.Zoundry or wbloggar, which using the xmlrpc technology. When you upload the php file included in this software, it turns to be a comment server(xmlrpc server), the client(xmlrpc client) request the comment id in the wordpress’s database, and compare with the one stored before. If the comment id is bigger, then the client will download the new comment and show you in the desktop.

All you need is to upload one file to WordPress root directory and then you can start receive comment notifications from your blog. I tested this software and it works fine. Speaking about features you can set frequency how often to check for comments, filter comments – do not show notifications for specified users, length of the notification text and also some other features. More information you can find on WP Notifier Support.

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