WordPress Comes to Facebook

Wordpress LogoLate last night WordPress launched a new Facebook application. The application makes it easy for you to share your blog on your profile and with your friends. Also, there is a single page that displays your friend’s recent wordpress.com posts. Any of your blog comments will show up on your profile page. While I don’t have a wordpress.com blog I went ahead and tested out the application. The reason that I have a wordpress.com login is because I use akimiset for filtering spam comments on my blog. When I navigated to the blog stats page I received a blank page that was absent of any navigation. While I don’t have stats for my non-existent WordPress blog there should probably still be something that allows me to navigate. This application makes it much easier for WordPress.com bloggers to communicate via their profile. Often times your friends may not be active blog readers but they will surely browse through your Facebook profile. Using this application will help increase a WordPress.com blogger’s exposure. The one feature that I would like to see added is integration for those individuals that have a WordPress blog that is hosted on their own server. I use WordPress to run this blog and it would be nice if I could post my articles to my profile. Instead I am left using the Flog application as I posted about previously. If you have a WordPress.com blog than go grab the WordPress application.