WordPress Blogs Reach Twitter Speed

WordPress has joined the real-time web.

Wordpress-logo.pngThe popular blog publishing platform announced yesterday the availability of a tool that makes possible instant syndication via RSS feeds of blog posts by WordPress users, who no longer must endure the frustration of waiting for the world to discover their latest drunken ramblings and ill-advised rants flashes of insight.

RSS (Real Simple Syndication), of course, is a service used by millions of people who prefer the convenience of having content from their favorite sites streamed directly to their computer or mobile device via an RSS reader. But as Mashable’s Ben Parr explains:

[RSS] does have its limitations. The big one is speed. It can take minutes to hours for a blog post to reach the reader through RSS. This has been a big reason why more and more people are turning to real-time services like Twitter and FriendFeed for their news. In the real-time web, delayed news and information just isn’t good enough.

Now WordPress has done something big that eliminates that RSS delay problem and brings WordPress.com’s 7.5 million blogs into real-time, along with any other self-hosted WordPress blog. It has implemented RSSCloud, an RSS element that makes instant syndication of blog posts possible.

While RSSCloud itself isn’t a new thing, WordPress began supporting it only yesterday. It doesn’t work automatically, however. The blogger and RSS feed subscriber both must enable it.

Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb writes that the move by WordPress will have an impact beyond instantly read blog posts.

Real time updates could enable several things. Faster distribution of blog posts, more compelling conversations in real-time and a renewed timeliness for blogging vs. services like Twitter are all likely consequences. The list of possible technical developments on top of RSSCloud could be as open-ended as the developments enabled by the core of RSS.