WordPress 1.2 for Windows Phone: Landscape Editing, UI Improvements & More

WordPress for iOS (was iPhone) went through a multi-year transformation from a promising but bug-ridden app to a functional one. It looks like WordPress for Windows Phone 7 has avoided a similar track. However, although it had not not been plagued by the crashes and login problems that the iOS version saw, it features a somehwat annoying design non-intuitive design choice: The only reliable way to move the text input focus from one field to another when creating a blog entry is to press Windows Phone’s “Back” soft-key (the one left to the Windows icon at the bottom of every Windows Phone device). You would expect this to move you out of the editor entirely. So, it is not just non-intuitive but actually counterintuitive to essentially press “Back” to move forward in the editing process. I hoped the new upgrade announced this week would deal with this design issue. Unfortunately, it does not. However, the 1.2 update does bring some much needed enhancements.

Version 1.2 Now Available

– The biggest change is the ability to use the virtual keyboard in landscape mode. The Windows Phone 7 virtual keyboard on my HTC HD7 is the easiest to use on-screen keyboard I have tried. And, it is even better in landscape mode.

– The panorama horizontal scrolling view into WordPress’ interface makes much better use of display real estate to let you see more per screen.

– The preview mode now works with draft posts.

– If you press the back button when the keyboard is not visible, it was ask you if you want to leave post editing mode.

On the whole, WordPress for Windows Phone has, with this update, become much more useable and useful when blogging on the go.