Word Whomp Dash is Gopher-rific

It’s a shame that Pogo.com is a bit late to the game with their latest word-scramble application, because it’s a great little app. Word Whomp Dash demands you power a little gopher powered car. With what power you ask? How about the power of words. That do anything for you? We’re talking vocabulary, Holmes.

In simpler terms, you need to make as many words as possible given the letters listed before time runs out. Each scrambled word you find gives gas to power your little gopher-mobile. You can rearrange the letters as many times as you’d like and even pass on a set of letters and get some new ones, though you’ll lose time. The more words you make, the faster and further your gopher will go, the more experience and points you’ll get, and the more time you’ll be awarded.

By gaining more experience and inviting more friends you’ll be able to unlock additional cool vehicles for your little gopher. The animations that surround the game are detailed, original, and adorable. The game provides a different package for the typical scramble game, and has plenty of challenge/leader/invite features to keep players connected. The experience element will hopefully lead to even more bonus features for dedicated fans, and if this game takes off, will likely lead to a dedicated fan base.

I only worry that this game is late to the game against equally well-developed applications. If you like this particular gopher-flavored word scramble game, this might be your cup of tea.

Gameplay: 7

Developers: 8

Difficulty: 7