Ampulum: Word of mouth, app store features trump mobile advertising

Word of mouth and app store features are the most popular ways to find new mobile games, says independent developer Ampulum.

The information comes from a survey Ampulum ran for three weeks during June 2012. Participants in the survey were recruited from social networks, gaming forums and industry mailing lists.  Ampulum polled the 127 respondents who identified themselves as frequent mobile gamers on how they had discovered their favourite mobile games.

The survey found friends’ word-of-mouth and app store searches and features were the most influential discovery methods and in-game ads were ranked as the least influential discovery method, behind game reviews, discussion forums and even Google searches. 70 percent of respondents denied discovering any of their favorite games through in-game ads. However, as all the data was self-reported, its likely the respondents could have underestimated how much they were influenced by ads.

Ampulum’s study also found that women in its survey were a lot more likely to cite in-game ads as a method by which they discovered their favorite mobile games, and that Android users had more success finding what they were looking for by searching the app store.

All of Ampulum’s findings should be interesting to developers, though taken with a grain of salt given the very limited sample size. The full report is available here.