Word Lens Brings Real-Time Translation App to Google Glass

Word Lens is a remarkable app, worthy of sharing during the holidays when you are stuck indoor with a bunch of relatives on Thanksgiving or Christmas. The phone app gives real time translation using phone cameras – you don’t even need a network connection. Just hold the camera up to a foreign phrase and it will magically transform it into something recognizable.

Naturally, we love the app’s ability to help us during travels, but it’s also a great candidate for Google Glass. Now, the app and Google glass can help you do real-time translation without hold up a phone. It’s as simple as looking. Watch this video demonstration for yourself.

Here’s Word Lens’ announcement about the new app:

When Google announced the Glass Explorer Program, we were thrilled by the possibilities.  What if you could literally “see the world in your language” without having to even pull out a device or tap on an app?

Today we’re pleased to announce Word Lens for Glass.  Simply tell Glass, “ok glass, translate this” and look at the text you’d like translated. We think it’s magical and we hope you do too!  Word Lens for Glass will be available later today for all Glass Explorers.

Don’t have Glass? That’s ok –  Word Lens is available for iPhone and Android.

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