Wooga’s Magic Land Mixes Kingdom Building and Monster Slaying

Wooga’s Magic Land is the Diamond Dash developer’s latest foray into fantasy world building/management titles. The game has been online in alpha since mid-July and was officially launched to coincide with the start of Game Developers Conference Europe earlier this week.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Magic Land currently has 152,101 monthly active users and 85,339 daily active users.

The title casts players as either a prince or princess of a small kingdom whose royal family has been kidnapped by a dragon. The plot eventually leads to some game world exploration once players have successfully built up their kingdoms to the point where they can expand into new areas of the map. Building up the kingdom involves constructing homes for villagers, which in turn need food in order to keep producing gold. Constructing homes is a multi-step process that requires specific resources — wood, wax, etc. — and a certain amount of energy per action. The food required to fuel gold production must itself be planted in fields purchased and placed by the player. There are a variety of crops to plant and harvest, as well as a wide selection of fanciful houses to build. Special decorations, or boosts, can be added to the kingdom in order to increase money and food production.

On occasion, monsters will enter the player’s kingdom and must be defeated. This is a simple process that involves clicking on them to attack, but it also costs the player energy. Defeating monsters rewards the player with gold, experience points and other inventory items, much like performing other tasks in the game. Gaining XP allows players to level up and earn rewards, including items, soft currency and hard currency.

Social aspects of Magic Land include bragging about accomplishments via the player’s Wall, sending and receiving gifts, and visiting friends’ kingdoms in order to help them harvest crops, collect gold, and so on. The game displays the player’s friends at all times along with their current player level.

Magic Land is monetized through the sale of both the hard currency, diamonds, and the soft currency, gold, in exchange for Facebook Credits. Many items in the game’s shop must first be “unlocked” through the spending of diamonds before they can be purchased. There are also items that can only be purchased with diamonds, such as energy refills.

You can follow Magic Land’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.