Wooga launches Global Tournament feature in Diamond Dash on iOS

Image via Wooga

Casual and social game developer Wooga has today announced a game-changing new update to its Diamond Dash puzzle game, introducing a Global Tournament to players on iPhone and iPad. The Global Tournament sees players being pitted against others in leagues, rising through the ranks towards total global domination.

The Global Tournament feature is available to every Diamond Dash player, and sees the game separating players based on their skill set and previous performance. As those grouped players compete against one another, winners emerge and will be pushed to different leagues, including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Leagues. Wooga says only the best of the best will reach a final league, Diamond, where the competition is the fiercest.

“Up until now, Diamond Dash fans have only been able to compete with their friends and many are now at the point where they are just too good for their peers,” said Wooga’s Christopher Parschat, in a company statement. “With the global tournament we’re turning Diamond Dash into a global experience and greatly expanding the scope of the game. It is the next step in the constant enhancement of Diamond Dash.”

The game’s Global Tournament update brings Version 4.0 of the app to players on iPhone and iPad, with immediate support for iOS 7. The game’s UI and performance have also been enhanced, offering a more streamlined experience for players.

Image via Wooga

To celebrate the game’s update, Wooga has released an infographic with some interesting stats about the game.

Diamond Dash has been downloaded over 33 million times since release in December 2011. Its worldwide player base has seen over 2.6 billion rounds of the game played in China alone, with the highest average score across all rounds reaching 384,827 points. The holder of that title is one we might not expect: Vatican City. The highest average level also goes to Vatican City, with 55 levels earned on average across all players in the area.

Wooga has found that Puerto Rican players are the most likely to utilize the game’s Facebook connectivity, with 83 percent of users doing so, while the largest overall player base is found in the US with 22 percent of overall players. You can view the full infographic below.

Diamond Dash is now available to download for free on iPhone and iPad. You can follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

Image via Wooga