Wooga & King.com Take On Zynga In Social Gaming World

While Zynga has made headlines for its international successful social gaming apps including Farmville and Words With Friends, the company is not alone at the top.

Berlin-based Wooga and London-based King.com are the second and third largest social gaming companies, according to AppData, Inside Network’s data service which supplies performance data, including historical user data, audience demographics, and company information for developers and applications.

The Wall Street Journal has more: “According to AppData, King.com has 10.26 million daily active users; Wooga 10.17 million DAUs; and EA 9.07 million DAUs. But Zynga (65.14 million DAUs) is twice as big as the next three games makers combined. But hang on, says Mr. Zacconi [CEO of King.com], we are comparing apples and oranges. ‘If you look at the actual social games that Zynga has —not, for example, poker games—then its lead is cut.'”

King.com’s social games include Mahjong Wonderwall, a hidden word game called Letter Star and a treasure hunt game called Diamond Digger. Wooga games include a puzzle game called Bubble Island, a treasure hunt game called Diamond Dash and a fantasy game called Magic Land.

Via Alan Meckler.