Wooga Finally Takes Facebook Hit Diamond Dash Mobile on iOS

Wooga, the third-largest game developer on Facebook in terms of monthly active users, is making the leap to mobile by bringing its hit game Diamond Dash to iOS. The Berlin-based company originally announced it would be porting the game to mobile in July and was also a launch partner for Facebook’s HTML5-centric mobile platform back in October.

Unlike many other ported titles which have very light connections to Facebook, the new mobile version of Diamond Dash is directly linked to the Facebook version of the game, so players can compete in the game’s weekly tournaments on multiple platforms.

The Diamond Dash app is free and monetizes through in-app purchases, much like its closest competitor, PopCap’s new stand-alone version of Bejeweled Blitz.

Wooga follows a long line of social gaming companies that have broadened from Facebook onto smartphone platforms. Companies like Zynga, Crowdstar and Playdom have already made the leap to iOS and Android to take advantage of a rapidly growing market with more than 250 million iOS devices cumulatively sold and more than 200 million Android device activations.

Diamond Dash is Wooga’s most popular game on Facebook and shows no signs of decline. The game currently has 11.3 million monthly active users and 2.6 million daily active users or DAU according to our AppData traffic tracking service.

When Wooga first announced it would be bringing Diamond Dash to mobile, the company also said it would also be launching an Android compatible HTML5 title sometime in 2011, but the company has yet to make any new announcements about it.