Woodward A Hit Among Dems

This month’s Diageo/Hotline poll added Bob Woodward into the mix of personalities and tested his favorability in a national poll…ya’ know, — just for fun. What the Hotline discovered was some interesting, and at times creepy, coalition between Woodward’s numbers and those of the elected DC insiders.

Woodward’s overall favorability is 24% among registered voters and 30% among likely. Democrats give him the highest overall favorability with 34%, where as Republicans give him the lowest (14%). Woodward’s overall unfavorability is 12% among registered and 16% among likley voters. Republicans give him the highest unfavorable rating with 20%, compared to 8% for Democrats.

Oddly enough, Woodward’s name ID is the same as Dennis Hastert, and just two points shy of Barack Obama’s. 44% of registered voters have not heard of either one. Among likely voters, Woodward is better known than Hastert by 2 points.