Woodstock, Ill. not Woodstock, N.Y. is the Place To Go

banner.jpg At least according to the National Trust for Historic Preservaton, has named Woodstock, Ill. has one of a dozen Distinctive Destinations. The above picture says it all. Who doesn’t remember this as a scene from Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell? Yes, this is the one and same, still there but we’re not sure about Punxsutawney (we had to check the spelling on that) Phil. He’s not scheduled for another appearance until sometime next year. But wait there’s more. Woodstock’s historic downtown is for all of you who like to walk and enjoy cute boutiques. This town, 45 minutes away from Chicago, is also home to an Opera House, which remains the entertainment center for this town, unlike a lot of other quaint villages where the local opera house has been tored down to make way for parking lots. The other distinctive destinations? Well, the lovely Mineral Point, Wisc. as well as New Orleans are also listed.