Woods’ Campaign a PR Fail?

It hasn’t even been a week since Tiger Woods launched his media offensive – tweeting, writing, and making radio appearances – and already the campaign is being deemed a failure. Why? He’s boring (a sentiment we saw seconded on Twitter) and he’s not really saying much.

The AP says:

The problem isn’t just that Woods is perceived as an aloof phony interested only in padding his still hefty bank account…The real problem is that he’s not remotely interesting unless he’s winning golf tournaments. And until he does that again, no media blitz is going to make him palatable to the public again. Unfortunately for Woods, his game is about as messed up as his reputation.

In a separate story, the AP draws a comparison with Kobe Bryant, who quietly overcame negative publicity and came back with a winning game.

“Kobe went back onto the court and returned to his all-star status. He brought back the legions of basketball fans first,” MWW Group president Michael Kempner said. Of course now he’s catching heat for doing a video game commercial brandishing a gun.