Wonkette’s Dog Day at the NYT

Ana Marie Cox.jpgToday is Ana Marie Cox day at the NYT! Not only does the newly-departed Wonkette have an op-ed on Jack Abramoff and Washington’s “fascinatingly filthy underbelly” but she gets the star treatment from David Carr over in the Books section, who reviews her trajectory and also mini-reviews her book, taking the sting out of Janet Maslin‘s dismissive review. (Carr quotes WaPo‘s former “Reliable Source” columnist Richard Lieby calling Cox “a wicked humorist” and says the book succeeds “in mastering the modalities of communication in Washington. BlackBerry asides decorate the text, and the characters sound as if they are auditioning for a darker, cable version of “The West Wing”; though Maslin lauds the book’s “snarky humor” she calls it “repetitive,” notes its “stock characters,” dings its storybook ending and applies the meant-to-be-pejorative “chick-lit” appellation).

Our brethren over at GalleyCat point out that “Dog Days” gets further attention this Sunday in the NYTBR by Christopher Buckley, which will officially make it a Dog Week.

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