Wondering What To Eat For Dinner? The New Gojee App Can Help

Trying to figure out what to eat for dinner? Tell Gojee’s new app what you’re in the mood for and you’re taste buds will be salivating with ideas. Gojee, for the uninitiated, is a meta-search engine for foodies. The platform lets you enter in a type of food or drink that you crave, or ingredients that you have in your refrigerator and it suggests ideas and recipes for what you can make.

The new app, which launches today for iOS and Android, lets users search by specific ingredients or from various food categories, such as vegetarian, breakfast or dessert. For example, say you have kale and chickpeas on hand. The engine recommends a lovely lemon ginger quinoa with chickpeas and kale. Craving salmon? A delicious looking salmon curry recipe awaits. Don’t like curry or allergic to wheat? You can add ingredients that you dislike or can’t eat and the engine will avoid these items when serving you recipes for dishes. All of the recipes come from Gojee’s blog partners. Gojee gives users a nice short shopping list before linking to the blog’s full recipe. 

The company launched last year and since then has raised capital on a number of different occasions, including $2.8 million this past July. Last year, the company raised $1.2 million in seed money. Follow this link to check out a video demo of the new app.