Wondering How the Little Guy Does It: Small Shops Staying Afloat


Speaking of small shops, we ran across this post over at Decor8, “Shop Owners – How Do You Stay Alive?” which asks just that question and one we’ve often asked ourselves. How in the world do boutique stores, or those amazing little shops in your neighborhood keep afloat with rising rents and a billon chains coming out of nowhere nearly overnight. So that’s the question and Decor8 hopes to keep the feature going in finding answers from the shopkeeps themselves, as well as in the comments sections. Here’s some:

Unfortunately, high rents are driving so many indie stores out, only to be replaced by retail giants or expensive housing. Nowadays, a good shop is increasingly hard to find. Let’s face it, when your city becomes trendy, your section of town the ‘next big thing’, it’s as scary as it is exciting. Some people I know say that when the big developers start coming in, they know they’re screwed. Sounds a bit harsh, but that may be true. If you’re a shop owner just making the rent, and suddenly your lease isn’t renewed because the building is turning into condos, or it can be renewed for several hundred dollars more a month, your life can change overnight.