Women’s World Cup Finals Sets New Tweets Per Second Record

A new record was set at Twitter headquarters this weekend: more people tweeted per second about the women’s soccer World Cup finals over the weekend than during any other single event, ever.

The official Twitter account tweeted about the new tweets per second (TPS) record set this weekend:

“New Tweets per second records! End of the #WWC final: 7196 TPS. And today’s end to the Paraguay/Brazil game is now 2nd with 7166 TPS.”

That’s 7196 tweets sent out, per second, during the end of the Women’s World Cup finals. A huge triumph for the game, and for Twitter itself.

Prior to this weekend, the previous tweets per second record of 6939 was set by the 2011 Japanese New Year. And previous to this, the death of Michael Jackson set one of the first tweet per second record with 456.

The death of Osama bin Laden also created a spike in Twitter traffic. Although the news only garnered about 5106 tweets per second at its peak, it did create the highest level of sustained tweets Twitter had ever seen, at about 3000 per second between 10:45PM – 2:20AM ET.

The growing popularity of Twitter no doubt goes hand-in-hand with the popularity of the Women’s Cup this year, breaking the TPS record and further highlighting how eagerly people gather on Twitter to discuss global events.

Did you tweet during the World Cup? If so, did you notice an increase in activity? Let us know in the comments!

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