Women’s Networking Style Isn’t Helping Them Get Ahead, Study Finds

Women may not be networking in a way that helps them get ahead, a new study from Indiana University South Bend finds. So while women have connections to just as many people as men, and do just as much networking, they’re not connected to as many people higher up in an organization.

Besides that, when women are connected to higher-ups, those people are more likely to favor men over women. “There seems to be some loyalty built up to reserve those resources for some more than others,” study author and sociologist Gail McGuire said in an interview with CNN’s John Roberts.

When women do make it to the top, they’re less inclined to promote other women. “For women to remain successful they have to adopt the same attitudes as the men on the top,” said McGuire.

Here’s the CNN clip, and the press release.