Women’s Health Announces the Most Social Cities in the U.S.

Women's Health teamed up with the data scientists at Yelp to discover up-and-coming sporty, artsy, foodie and fun cities around the country.

social cities

social cities

According to Women’s Health publisher Laura Frerer-Schmidt, WH was the first women’s magazine to publish a list of “healthiest cities.”

“A lot of places picked it up. But it got a little played,” she says, adding that it was time to freshen it up.

To wit, this year, Women’s Health decided to take a little inspiration from their growing social following with a list of the most social cities in the U.S. To power a research-based approach, the magazine teamed up with Yelp to look at cities across the country to get a sense of how women want to live.

Of course, there were the usual suspects — New York, San Fancisco and Chicago — but Frerer-Schmidt said they wanted to go beyond the obvious. While WH dedicated a sidebar to these cities, she says they decided to move past that to give readers a list with a little bit of a surprise.

“It really is about new information,” she says. “We let our consumer — powered by social —  just vote on the best city in the country.”

As it turned out, Denver, Colo. was the clear winner.

“It’s a great culture and really supportive of its residents,” says Frerer-Schmidt. “From what I’ve read, we should all move to Denver right now.”

Denver being voted the best city in the country isn’t the only surprise. For instance, most would probably be surprised to find Oklahoma City in a list of up-and-coming foodie cities, or discover that Charlotte, N.C. has a burgeoning yoga community.

In addition to encouraging readers to get out and experience something new, WH included a digital component to the list: quizzes with built-in social-sharing functionality and an interactive map. To celebrate the launch, Yelp is hosting parties in winning social cities across the country. The price of admission: sharing the social cities announcement on social media.

The list of cities are in the October issue of the magazine, and the results are also available online, along with fun quizzes and a chance to win a weekend getaway.