Women’s Health Hosts 2015 #SocialMoments Beauty Awards

The exclusive event includes a social media panel where representatives from Pinterest, Tumblr and Digiday will join beauty icon and Yahoo beauty editor Bobbi Brown to discuss how brands can stand out in a competitive landscape.

Wednesday, Women’s Health is hosting its 2015 #SocialMoments Beauty Awards. In keeping with the ethos of the magazine, the beauty awards are connected to the different activities and “social moments” of the WH reader. This year’s ceremony includes a social media panel with speakers from Pinterest, Tumblr, Digiday, as well as beauty icon and Yahoo beauty editor Bobbi Brown.
The panel will discuss how social has impacted the beauty industry and how brands can use social platforms to stand out in a highly competitive landscape. According to Pinterest brand strategist Radhika Prakash, Pinterest has become a place for people to discover trends and tips for beauty, hair, skin and makeup.
Prakash said there are four major ways Pinners are interactive with beauty content on Pinterest:

  • New looks that inspire ideas for makeup, hair, nails and special events
  • Products, discovering and comparing products to buy
  • Tutorials and tips for DIY beauty
  • Eye candy, discovering unusual and dramatic styles

Prakash added are over 787 million beauty pins and 62 million beauty boards on Pinterest, with 2/3 of the content on Pinterest coming from brands. This gives brands the ability to see what resonates with Pinterest users through their pinning behavior. However, to connect with users based on the trends listed above brands need to “drive utility through pin content with both the pin image and description.”
With such a socially engaged and savvy audience, Women’s Health thought it was important to make the awards interactive in several ways. Beyond the Editor’s Choice awards, which are decided by the WH editors, readers were also able to pick their favorite products for teh Reader’s Choice awards.
Editor-in-Chief Amy Keller says the Women’s Health Reader’s Choice awards stands out because readers didn’t choose from pre-selected options:

We put up an open-ended survey online. It’s not a multiple choice thing. They write in their favorites, so it’s a really legitimate way to gauge what thousands of readers are loving.

In the end, there were a total of 36 Reader’s Choice winners. Keller noted that there are some products that always win, like the Nars in Orgasm blush, but readers also expose the magazine to new products the editors might not have considered.
WH readers and attendees are further encouraged to participate by taking selfies and share their #socialmoments to enter to win a trip the the Hamptons for a WH “Party Under the Stars” this Summer.
For those unable to attend the event, Women’s Health will also be posting video vignettes from the panel discussion on Periscope. The 3rd Annual Women’s Health Beauty Awards is a private event, so pay attention to the WH social channels for exclusive videos and other content from the ceremony.