Women Who Rule The Web

WWD’s Stephanie Smith writes about “the new offerings” on the Web: the growing number of sites targeting women.

Slate.com will expand its popular blog, The XX Factor, into its own site in the spring. Elizabeth Spiers, founder of Dead Horse Media (and former mediabistro.com Editor-in-Chief) is developing an online women’s magazine she pegged as “Maxim for women.” The sites will join TheFrisky.com, a Web site for 18- to 34-year-olds covering love and relationships; Yahoo’s women’s lifestyle portal Shine.com, and Wowowow.com, a site targeting women over 40.

Why the growth in sites geared toward women? ‘Cuz that’s where the money is. Smith writes that advertisers including Tiffany, Sony, Citi, Ralph Lauren and Jones New York have all advertised on Wowowow this year. “Because we are a well-educated and wealthier group, this is a targeted area where women come to. It’s a demographic that serves advertisers well,” explains co-founder Joni Evans.

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