Women Search For Missing Friend Via Facebook

Three friends who stay in touch via Facebook now use the site to aid a Dallas missing person investigation.

Three friends who stay in touch via Facebook are now use the site to aid a Dallas missing person investigation.

The women had been close during high school in the late 1970s, had a reunion three decades later and stayed in touch daily via Facebook. Their clique actually added up to four until Lisa Stone suddenly lost touch with them.

The other three, Tina Wiley, Joni Shannon and Tammye Markle, became suspicious once the hadn’t heard from Lisa in two weeks. Like Markle told a CBS interviewer:

It just was very strange that we had lots of activity from her on Facebook, and then the next day, she was gone. I mean, there was just nothing there. So, you know, naturally, when someone disappears like that, you think that they’ve — something has happened, they’ve been the victim of foul play of some kind… When I would try to call Lisa, her phone was disconnected. And I thought it was because of financial reasons. So, things started adding up. And then when I heard that the neighbor had turned in a missing persons report, and the police closed it after five days, immediately, I just took action.

To make a long story short, the three women created a group on Facebook with help from their friend Beverly Williams Scalin. Some 2,253 members now belong to the group called Looking for Lisa Stone… help us find her. The trio also claim to have found clues about the disappearance on the social network, and share information about the case with the local Dallas Police Department and Crime Stoppers. The women suspect a murder took place and appear to have a suspect in mind.

We continue to see examples of people using Facebook to find missing persons, which seems appropriate given how the site connects long-lost friends with one another. However, sleuthing a disappearance benefits from using all possible media to get the word out. Fortunately, that’s exactly what the women in Dallas are doing. If you happen to know anything about the case, or want to know more about it, click here to visit a website called Looking For Lisa Stone.

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