Women Mysteriously Disappearing From The Village Voice

0927ellenwillis.jpgWe miss Ellen Willis.

Here’s the casualty list of female employees at the Village Voice who have either quit or been fired since March, as compiled by Leon Neyfakh at the Observer:

  • Deanna Martin, deputy copy chief (quit)
  • Tricia Romano, reporter/NY nightclub guru (quit? fired? we’re unsure, as is the Observer)
  • Keisha Franklin, assoc. listings editor (quit)
  • Adamma Ince, deputy managing editor (quit)
  • Maggie Shnayerson, spokeswoman (quit, now at Gawker)
  • Laura Conaway, exec. director (fired)
  • Mara Altman, reporter (fired, currently shopping a book proposal)
  • Kristen Lombardi, reporter (fired after winning an AAN award)
  • Keach Hagey, media reporter (fired, now rocking out with her band)
  • Emma Span, sports columnist (fired, now working on a book for Random House)

    So, yeah… if you’re a woman and work at The House That Hentoff Built, now might be a good time to dust off those old contacts.