Women Mobile Web Users Seem to Like Horoscopes

The Nielsen Company today announced the results of a survey showing that the total mobile web audience has increased 34 percent from a year ago.

Visits to web sites from mobile devices increased to 56.9 million in July from 42.5 million in July 2008, according to Nielsen. In terms of age group — and we’re uniting the generations here — the biggest rates of growth were logged by users aged 13-17 (45 percent) and 65+ (67 percent).

Seniors, though, comprised only 3 percent of the total mobile web site visitors in July. The top age group was 35-54, which had 38 percent of mobile web visits in July. I’m not sure why this age group spans 20 years while no others are more than 10 years, and some less. (What’s up, Nielsen?) But if you arbitrarily split the 35-54 age group down the middle along with their mobile web share, the top group then becomes 25-34, which accounted for 28 percent of mobile web visits in the survey. And that seems more reflective of reality.

The real interesting stuff can be found in the gender breakdown. Men still are more likely to use the mobile web, comprising 53 percent of the audience. However, that gap is closing as the growth in women users exceeds that of men.

Still, based on the Nielsen survey, one gap will never be bridged — what the genders look for on the mobile web. Filtering out carrier landing sites (such as AT&T Search, T-Mobile, Sprint News), here are the top mobile web sites among women:





Kraft Foods


Top sites among men:






Drudge Report

Business Week


CBS Sports


OK, women, I’ll grant that the obsession with sports and geek stuff (Gizmodo, IGN) is a little weird, but horoscopes?