Women In The UAE Are 3X More Likely To Use Twitter Than Americans [STUDY]

Women in the United Arab Emirates love Twitter. According to the latest survey, they’re three times more likely to log in to Twitter on a daily basis than their counterparts in the United States, and they tweet seven times more than the average Twitter user.

As 7DaysInDubai.com reports, researchers from Dubai’s Zayed University and New Zealand’s Massey University surveyed 167 women in the UAE on their social networking habits.

60 percent of the women surveyed said they check their Twitter feeds several times a day, and they enjoy tweeting about their personal thoughts and philosophy as opposed to news or current events: 83 percent of tweets analysed were related to daily chatter and random thoughts. And part of the reason these women enjoy tweeting so much is for self-exploration, as they found that tweeting and reading the responses their friends tweeted back provided insight into who they are.

This embrace of Twitter in the UAE is reflected in stats released this summer which suggest that over 1.3 million people in the Arab world are actively tweeting.

But Facebook doesn’t fare as well as Twitter. The women surveyed are not impressed with its increasingly complex and awkward layout, and are leaving the network in droves. Only one third of the respondents said they use Facebook regularly.

Are you surprised that Twitter is more popular than Facebook among women in the UAE? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

(Women’s hands at computer image via Shutterstock)

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