Woman’s Mostly Innocuous Tweet Gets Her Canned

The social media specialist at the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation has been fired for something she posted on Twitter.

But did Vanessa Williams tweet a crotch shot to an undergrad? Did she dis her boss or post a picture of herself drunk? Did she call a client a moron?

None of these things.

Here’s what she posted, according to PCWorld:

“We start summer hours today. That means most of the staff leave at noon, many to hit the links. Do you observe summer hours? What do you do?”

Apparently, the thought that taxpayers might be upset that the publicly-funded organization’s employees were taking time off to play golf was too much for LVEDC President and CEO Phil Mitman, who told the Morning Call that “I think this is an interesting lesson for all of us about the use of social media and about how chatty and how much information goes out there immediately and what the consequences are.”

Mitman additionally called the message “out of line” and clarified that only employees who have already put in 40 hours get to take Friday afternoons off. (Isn’t that how summer hours normally work??)

Apparently the LVEDC has been struggling with its public image lately as the counties that fund it have threatened to pull their dollars out.

Nobody seems to be asking why, if talking about the summer Fridays policy is so controversial, summer Fridays are even allowed at all.

Update: According to Philly.com, Williams has hired a lawyer.