Woman Trips, Tears One of the Met’s Prized Picassos

We’d like to think that we’re something of an educational stop on this vast information superwalkway, and the lesson we’d like you to take home with you this week is to wear non-slip shoes and pay attention to your surroundings, particularly if you’re visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Otherwise, you might follow the disastrous path that an un-named woman took recently when she tripped and landed on Picasso‘s ‘The Actor,’ tearing a chunk off the $130 million painting the museum has had since 1952 and is one of the most treasured works by the artist. Fortunately, the museum says it can fix it:

Immediately after the accident on Friday, the painting was taken to the Metropolitan’s conservation studio for repair. “Fortunately, the damage did not occur in a focal point of the composition, and the curatorial and conservation staffs fully expect that the repair, which will take place in the coming weeks, will be unobtrusive,” the museum said.

Despite the Mets’ “no big deal” attitude, the NY Times wonders just how exactly they will go about fixing the damage, as well as what it will do to the value of the painting. Meanwhile, the Times has a nice rundown of other recent art accidents, all tripping related.