Lena Dunham to Launch Newsletter

She loves a good email.

Apparently Lena Dunham has not fallen for the fake trend that email is the scourge of society. The Cut reports that Dunham is launching a bi-weekly newsletter called Lenny, “that will offer advice, essays, and product recommendations to millennial women.”

Lenny is the product of Dunham and Girls showrunner Jenni Konner. Jessica Grose—previously of Slate and Jezebel—will oversee editorial. Subscribers to Lenny can expect articles on everything from bathing suits to politics.

Eventually Dunham and Konner want to add e-commerce to Lenny, which makes us wonder: Is this Dunham’s take on Goop?

“We want it to be an inclusive space,” Dunham told The Cut. “We’re not making any assumptions about your identity. We’re making the assumption that you’re passionate and you care about other people’s emotions and style and you just want to live a more connected life.”

Yes, this is Dunham’s Goop.